560 Error When Trying to Access a Page from an External Link

I am sending a link in an email. The link has the applicationurl/p/page-name/id appropriately. It takes an object id as a parameter for the data view. The logged in user has the appropriate privacy role to view the page and the object but I am getting a 560 server error and the log is giving the error : Entity Id cannot be zero. Has this happened to anyone else?
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And the id in the URL was not zero or missing? You might want to check your logs of the environment. Because it might give you some hints what the actual URL was that did throw this error because that should be in the logs.




If you really are sure that you have the right format as described in the documentation

/order/{Id} – the URL for a page with data from a particular Order (in a browser, the URL will look like http://example.mendixcloud.com/p/order/3212449487634321, wherein 3212449487634321 is the unique identifier of the Order)

then you might want to create a support ticket. Because it should work unless the ID is not an ID that can be found in the database. So again do make sure you have with this example an order with the ID 3212449487634321