Debug a Nanoflow Remotely?

Dear all, Is it possible to debug a Nanoflow remotely? When I connect the debugger to the server (on premise), I get a connection. I can add a disabled breakpoint, but when I try to enable it, I get the message “You cannot add a breakpoint here to the running application. The breakpoint will be disabled,” as shown below.    It seems to me that remote debugging of Nanoflows is not an option then? I've tried upgrading to the current latest version (9.10.1) and to no avail. I cannot find any documentation that says this should not be possible either. Any help/suggestions/thoughts would be welcome. Best regards, Wouter 
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Dear all, 

Sent in a support ticket to Mendix, and it turns out that it is NOT possible to debug nanoflows remotely. I have asked Mendix to change their error message to a more descriptive one, and add this to the Mendix documentation as well.