Change boolean values in the same column

Hello all, I have this datagrid which with an editable check-box on the last column. Does anyone know how I can have a microflow that: -When I tick a checkbox to true, the checkboxes of the rows with the same string in the first column (Numero Material) also becomes true?   From this example: When I tick the 3rd row, the last three rows should become ticked   EDIT:
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Hi Andre,

Here is what you could do:

  1. Add an on change microflow to your checkbox
  2. In that on change microflow retrieve all the objects from the same entity with an xpath constraint to retrieve all objects with the same Numero material
  3. Iterate through the list, change the object as required and commit outside the loop.
  4. Remember to refresh the list so that it is reflected in the client


Hope this helps! 


Dear Andre ,

On change event of datagrid 2 call the microflow , when you change the pronto value microflow will be triggered , with that numero value you get in the microflow try to retrieve the other objects with the same numero value and try to change the pronto value of particular retrieved objects and refresh the objects you changed.