ListView widget

What relationship between entity1 and entity2 do you need in the domain model for this to work ? It's not very clear in the documentation .... Also, where can it be placed on a form ? Just in a table ? It refers to a Navigation Tree widget .... when is this going to be available on the App Store ? thanks Paul
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Hi Paul,

First off, the Navigation Tree widget can be found here: Navigation Tree widget.

I believe the association is a (Entity1) 0 -> N (Entity2), as it is made to show multiple objects under each one of Entity1.

If it doesn't give an error when placed outside a dataview, it can be used anywhere. The ListView uses an xpath retrieve to get the objects and as such does not need a context. It can be used anywhere.

I'll update the documentation to more clearly reflect the 0 -> N association for the second entity.

Edit: It seems the widget is not retrieving the sub objects properly, I'll look into this and get back to you when I know more.