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Hi, I have created a custom login page and a signup page.  Created a guest User with an anonymous role, now I want to guest user to select a user role that is already created. How can I do that? Please suggest any existing module/link. Thanks and Regards, Harshraj Singh
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To clarify, you would like the guest user to select the user role they need to have?

EDIT: As soon as I submitted this I realise you can just use an input reference set selector for this


You can do this by retrieving the User Role in a listview (making sure to exclude roles you don’t want them to select. 


Wrap this list view in a data view that has a microflow that retrieves the currently logged in account. 

You can to this with XPath [id = $currentUser]



Then set an on-click action which calls a microflow that associates the current account with the userrole.