How to increase the max file size of java action - store url to file document?

We are using java action – store url to file document for consuming files from external system using REST API? whenever we receive file size of more than 210MB, the microflow errors out. We have identified the java file (~\javasource\saml20\actions\ ) where the max setting is configured, is it possible to increase this limit? If yes, please explain on the steps, thanks!
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The Community Commons module also provides this functionality, and has this limit set in code.

If you want to change this, my approach would be to create a new Java Action in one of your own modules. Copy the code for the static storeURLtoFileDocument method in into the action and tweak the values in there. This means you aren’t changing functionality other parts of your application may be relying on, while allowing you to change values such as increasing the size of the upload where it is a problem.

Hope this helps.