Custom style not reflecting in application

Hi, following the docs, I added custom styling as below: Created a new file ‘custom-datagrid.scss’ in {ProjectFolder}/theme/web Added “@import ‘custom-datagrid’” to ‘main.scss’ file in {ProjectFolder}/theme/web Added ‘custom-datagrid’ class to the Class of the widget in studio pro   The ‘custom-datagrid.scss’ file has the following content .custom-datagrid > .mx-grid-content{ height: 400px !important; overflow-y: scroll; } After making all the changes and rerunning the app, the defined style is not reflecting in the application. Am  I missing something here?   Thanks     EDIT I just checked, no matter what change I make to any scss file, it is not reflecting in the application. I also tried to completely stop and rerun the application but no success.    
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Hi Shardul,

It looks like your changes have only been done in the scss files, but they need to be translated to the .css files as well.

The easiest way to do this is using another program. I use ScoutApp for this, but you can also use Calypso:

It's pretty straightforward, you select a source folder (scss folder) and a target folder (css folder) and press run.

When you save you scss files the changes are now also done in the css and available in Mendix.

Hope this helps!


I see you have a typo in your import. Not sure if it is in this post or in your file as well.

It should be something like this:

@import custom-datagrid.scss

---- OR ----

It also might be because of your modeler version. There were issues in triggering recompilation of styles. They fixed this in version 9.10 and above