MxRuntime CRITICAL: pid is not available, m2ee does not respond.

This night multiple of our nodes went down with reports saying the above message with different pid's What is a pid? And how can this occur? Could someone at mendix perhaps create a blog post or something about the different messages that a node can create when it crashes, and give some examples of what could have caused it? Because in these kind of crashes there are no logs available to understand what happened on our end.
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Hi Marnix,

This is likely the result from a configuration error, or the result of the JVM process being killed by an operating system OOM, or by a segmentation fault or something worse, if possible.

I found some documentation that might help to understand:

I think that the app is running out of memory and we might need to add some OS memory. Could you please create a ticket for this and add the mendix url's so that I can check this for you?

Thanks, Sultana Mir Customer support Engineer