Apache mod_proxy and IE problem

I am working on a configuration where Apache (2.2) stands in front of the Mendix XAS and proxies the requests to the /xas context, relieving the XAS of having to serve static resources. However, it seems that Internet Explorer 7 (and maybe other versions too?) has a problem with XML HTTP requests (AJAX) in this type of configuration. I've configured Apache as suggested in this forum question, i.e. like this: ProxyPass /xas ProxyPassReverse /xas When navigating IE 7 to the login page, everything seems fine. Logging in doesn't work properly, resulting only in a greyed out login button. The browser doesn't seem to do anything. I did find however, that refreshing the page and retrying to login does work. But only to find that the start page in de application doesn't load properly. By the way... Firefox works like a charm. What is needed to make this work properly for IE? I've read something about setting user-agent specific variables in Apache, but I don't have the time to perform a full investigation of the problem. Does anyone have experience with a correctly working mod_proxy setup and IE? PS 1: Using another browser is not an option, because the user works in a regulated corporate IT environment. PS 2: Moving to IIS is also not an option. PS 3: The next step in this configuration is enabling the mod_deflate module to reduce bandwidth a little. Also, I want to experiment with modifying the cache headers to resolve the 'clear browser cache' issue for cached forms etc. EDIT: The problem occurs when using Mendix version 2.4.5. I haven't tested this with version 2.5.
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Hi Jonathan,

our configuration is like

<VirtualHost *:80>
        ServerName servername.mendix.nl
        DocumentRoot /srv/mxinstances/servername/web/

        ProxyPass /xas http://[::1]:8100/xas retry=0
        ProxyPassReverse /xas http://[::1]:8100/xas
        Proxypass /file http://[::1]:8100/file retry=0
        Proxypassreverse /file http://[::1]:8100/file

So beside using other ports and the file servlet, there seem to be no real difference. Furthermore this is about the bare HTTP protocol, so intuitively i would say that there is nothing wrong with the configuration (especially since firefox works) but that the problem lies elsewhere.

Are you using custom widgets? Did you try browse to the server using a different machine? Did you empty the cache in IE a few times? (especially when another mendix product was running on the same URL before).