How to select an entity from a data grid thru Microflow

In the creation of RFQ, I need to select multiple vendor from the next page. I have shown the vendor details in the second page using data grid. I need to select one vendor from the grid and need to add in the first page using the grid as assigned vendor to the RFQ.   Thanks for the Responses
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This all depends on your domain model and your page setup.

My gut feeling tells me, you don't need a datasource microflow.


Please share more information; image of domain model and page setup


Method 1 :

  1. Keep Many – many association between vendor entity and rfq entity.
  2. Create a page and place a data grid, select vendor entity from database. change the grid selection mode to simple multiselect.
  3. Right click on grid control bar and add a select button
  4. in rfq page add input reference set selector and select an attribute vendor name, and in select page select the above created page.

Method 2:

Use this Auto complete & multiselect Widget.