Hours per functionpoint anyone ....

being a VERY old guy, I regularly fall back on the tools of the trade as I learned them when I was a young strapper. I am working on the projectbrief for a new project and am using Function Point Analysis to get a grasp on the amount of work needed. Total FP for the project is 93, and as an indication, the "main" objects, which will be part of navigation and are in general the more complex ones for rules etc are scored as 4 pts, while tooltipforms and selectforms are scored as a 1. What should I use for hours per Function Point, assuming I will use a 3 cycle prototying strategy to move the project to acceptance testing. assume you need to add one entity in your domain. This entity will be related to 4 other existing objects (one parent/ 3 children), will have 20 atributes, 5 of which will have microflow to check validity, or set fields based upon checking fields in related atributes. Create an overview (datagrid-based) form, which is added to navigation, and a add/edit form, that will incorporated tabs to reflect the relations mentioned above. Set relevant security Now assume your "user" will want you to shuffle some stuff around on the forms when he has had the time to look at the forms. HOW MUCHT TIME WOULD YOU (GU)ESTIMATE YOU WOULD NEED TO DO THE ABOVE, and I meanjust thetechnical time, disregard the time it takes to communicate withusers.
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Based on your description I would create a dummy model for one / two / three days work. And based on the feedback of your presentation of the dummy model you can offer the complete project. Save for everyone.