Change object action not working on cloud but working fine locally

I am working on a web app which creates and object with all attributes ‘0’, does REST call to an external SAP server and if there is no error in REST call, maps and parses the response JSON and finally saves response data into that object with change object action. I show this object attributes in a layout grid. In my local environment everything works fine, but when I deploy my application into cloud only ‘0.0’ response values are seen on layout grid, all the response values other than ‘0.0’ are shown as default value of ‘0’. When I add logs to my app step by step, I see that on the cloud after change object action values other than ‘0.0’ logs as null and doesn’t throws any error. Is there anyone knows what could cause this and how can I fix it? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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Hi Iklim,

I think you have to check if you get the correct response from the SAP server.
You can debug this by either setting the Log Level REST Consume to trace and check the (live) log ( or by setting a breakpoint in Studio Pro that points towards the cloud environment (