Setting up new Mendix practice - Additional skills required

Hello, First of all, I Hope this is the right place to ask this question.  This is my first post in the forum being a new member to the community. We have in the process of setting-up new Mendix practice (training underway) and as part of that i wanted to understand what additional skills (like javascrpit, CSS etc. to name a few) are most often used in real world Mendix related implementations.  This way we can be prepared with those additional skills. Appreciate a response from someone who has already had such implementation experiences to share the opinion   Thanks P Chayanath       
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Apart from knowing specific languages (java, javascript including react, css), it's definitely helpful to have a good understanding of basic (object oriented) programming concepts. Think of things like inheritance, normalization, polymorphism, database design, etc. While Mendix will handle a lot of it in the background, it's still helpful to have at least a basic understanding of what happens in the background, as it might help you with performance, reusability, data integrity and more.