High load application

Is it possible to build a web application with Mendix that handles 1.25 million accesses per minute from 60 million users? If you have any cases of throughput, please share them. I would like to know which Deployment environment meets the performance requirements (Mendix cloud or Mendix for private cloud).
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I would suggest arranging a meeting with Mendix to go over your requirements as they should be able to give you a detailed response based on your requirements.

As a quick answer, the Mendix Cloud is based on AWS infrastructure, so you will be able to take advantage of that to scale and ensure high availability. There is a high level overview available on the following link.



What is the purpose of the App? Database transactions per session, complexity of microflows, webservice/restservice calls from the app. Aspects that will have impact on performance.


If you want to test the edges of performance you could try the following

  • Make a request for the largest container
  • Deploy the App to the largest container
  • Create the basic flow within the App
  • Expose the logic from this flow in a restservice or webservice
  • With a tool like SoupUI, the can now create a load test


1.25 million accesses per minute is an enourmous amount and I have no experience with this on a loadtest with soupui. However, this might be an idea to test it.