multiple values in one cell in the excelimporter

For an app I'm building I'm using the excel importer module. The input there is of a term with a description, synonyms and a source and domain where it's coming from and belongs to. Sometimes I have a term that has multiple domains. Is it possible to place these different domains in the same cell, but let the importer devide it between the multiple domains that are placed in this cell.   As you can see in the screen shot, I have domains for “Bedrijfsvoering” and “Onderwijs”. But it also created one which says “Bedrijfsvoering, Onderwijs”, which should have been pulled apart.
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A couple of ideas about how to do this:

  • create a microflow that separates the values into individual elements and then places the separated items into different attributes.  You can use this microflow to parse the values during import (look in the column definition in your import template).
  • you could do the same kind of thing, but with a ‘post process’ microflow that runs after the data is imported.  This microflow would process all of the imported rows and separate the values.

Hope that helps,