Getting non persistant REST API data on screen

Hello, I have a REST API that returns a list of values i need to show in a list view and in a graph. I have tried to figure it out but I am stuck. Domain:   MF:I have tried to make a persistant version of the jsonObject, but i cant figure out how to push data over to it. Or if i can can use the non persistant list to show in the main windows that would be great. But i need it to work with both list and graph.
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Hi Johan,

Here are couple of ways you could achieve this:

Option 1: Copy the values over to persistent entity.

- Create a list of entity Test which needs to be committed 

- Inside the loop create the object of entity Test and copy over the values from Iterator.

- Add the created object to the list

- Commit the list outside the iterator.

Note → You could also think of using the import mapping to directly store your data.

Option 2: 

Use the same microflow to just return a type of list JsonObject.

Use this microflow as datasource for your list view

Although this option will work, based on the amount of data it might consume too much memory.

But the above two options would at least help in displaying the info you want and then you can think of how to design the system in terms of consuming the data.

Hope this helps!