custom CSS to adjust widges, how to?

I built a page:   The problem is that my dropdown and my textboxes override the width in my layoutgrid (also table layout doesn't work either).  I read on the forum that it should be possible to adjust the width of these widgets through custom CSS. I have only never ever worked with these CSS files yet. Is there a learning path where you learn how to adjust some things of these widges (I found only a learning path that adjusts some styles, but couldn't find any of the widges in there) or has anyone made a tutorial how you can adjust it?
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Hi Roel,

To learn about the CSS I would suggest to refer W3schools, it has tutorial for all the CSS properties and also provide editor for each example where you can try hands-on.

In Mendix there are different ways to add custom CSS.

- In Appearance tab of each widget in Style field you can add your own custom styling, or create a custom class in CSS file and use the class name.

- In the Mendix project directory go to theme folder and in web folder create a new .css file and write your custom css, then in main.scss file import that css file.