Attributes of the same object out of sync?

I have two references to the same object in scope. If you look at the "FlightNumber" attribute of both objects you will see that they are different yet the variables both point to the same object ID. The bottom instance is passed into a submicroflow that modifies the FlightNumber and then the top instance is retrieved by association from the parent object after the submicroflow is finished executing. The top value is correct, while the bottom value is incorrect. Could you please help me explain what is happening here and please enlighten me on how Mendix handles passing objects by reference into submicroflows?
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I have seen similair issues in our own model. I pass an object to a submicroflow (sometimes four levels deep) where the object is changed. Then when I end up again in the top microflow the object is not changed but still has the old value. In a new test project the object always changes no matter how deep I go. My workaround is do again a database retrieve to refresh the object. My gut feeling is that there is somewhere a bug in the modeler where the object is held in cache and does not get refreshed. I never was able to reproduce this refresh bug in a new project, but have encountered it twice in the last month.