upgrade of the os in mendix 4.7.1 app

currently we are using mendix 4.7.1 version in the OS RHEL 5.9 and we are planning to move the application to RHEL 6. Can the mendix version 4.7.1 compatible in the RHEL 6 version above and just we need the data to access in the next ten years is there any other way to access the mendix application data to migrate to the new RHEL versions.
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Few answers

1. Mendix 4 is unsupported. The first major supported version is 7.x, which will probably be dropped in a year. So, if you want to use it as a mendix app, strong advice to upgrade

2. Consuming data from that mx app database can be done by exposing webservices. In newer mx versions, rest and oData are supported out of the box

3. If you aren't using the app anymore, just the data. I would consider migrating your data to a postgress db of your own.