Hiding Error Messages in Xas/ in Network tab while inspecting a particular page.

Hi, Consider we’re having a form with microflow validations. when the end user fills the form incorrectly he’ll see the validation messages (Client activity: Validation Feedbacks) and he’ll correct the fields. while inspecting that particular page, in Network Tab Xas/ will be displaying. In that Xas/ there’s response JSON structure. In that JSON structure I wanna hide the error messages(error fields in screenshot). Does any one know how to hide them.  Please give me some tips inorder to hide those error messages.  Note:-  I want that validations messages to be displayed to End User but I don’t want those data validations while inspecting the particular page.      
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XAS calls in the sense is the server call , it means you are using a microflow for validating your page .

in order to avoid this , use Nanoflow for validation , then in the network tab no XAS will be called for it.