Trouble passing a primitive parameter to a dataset

I must be doing something wrong, but can figure out what at the moment. If I define a "primitive" object parameter, it allows me to set the atribute in de dropdown, eg. I can select a company based on its name. I defined the "Paramcompany" in the dataset, however, I cant seem to be able to get it to work in the OQL. Am I supposed to compare the parameter to the company_name ? (which it says I cant), or to the Company object (which seems more logic) can someone help me with the proper syntax ??
2 answers

As where statement you should use "Where Table.Attribute = $CompanyName". With $CompanyName as your "primitive" object parameter.


Ahh actualy it was not .... but considering your anwer provided the clue I needed

FPA_DGAAO.Kiniek.ID = $ParamKliniek

so in your terms

"where table.ID = $primitive.object.parm"

In essense your Parm_dropdown would be a name or other identifier, but the actualy comparison is done based on the internal keystructure !!