How to pass Name (in Common) of textbox widget to nanoflow ?

I need to get a Name (in Common) of textbox widget. Ex: Name: textbox1 and I want to pass it to a Nanoflow and pass it to a Java Action. How can I do that? Please help me :((
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You can put an event action on the text box that calls a nanoflow.

In this nanoflow the input of your text box will be a parameter and you can pass it to your Java Action (via a microflow?)


A textbox widget is always connected to an attribute, part of an object. A textbox widget must always be placed in a dataview or listview which is connected to the context entity.

In my example Festival is the context object and Name the string attribute.

You can pass the context object into the microflow, and use the attribute values from the object variable.

in below example the Festival object enters the Nanoflow and I can access the Name attribute by using $Festival/Name


One important thing; in a nanoflow you can NOT call a java action straight away. Only JavaScript actions can be called.

If you need Java, start with a Microflow instead. Or when you need Javascript capabilities AND a Java action, start with nanoflow, which calls a microflow, which executes the Java action. If no Javascript magic is needed; call the microflow directly.