Can we pass parameter in the url and how to retrive it.

Hi Team, How to pass parameter to the different page in url and how to read passed parameter in different page on the mendix platform.  If yes, please explain.
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Hi Pranav Ajmire,

To pass an object throw url we need to create a microflow

-use a java action to get the application url ($Application_Url)

-use a java action to get the id of the object that we would like to pass. ($IDofTheObject)

-change the variable application url to $Application_Url + '/p/nameoftheobject/' + toString($IDofTheObject)


(this java actions are available in the package community commons that you can download from the marketplace)

-in the landing page we need to configure the properties (URL), with the name of the object and the Id


Please let me know if this was usefull


You have 3 options depending on your use case.

  1. The URL property of the page – for this you need to need to know the GUID of an entity to pass into a DataView at the top level of the page.
  2. Use a published REST Deeplink
  3. Use the Deeplink module.

There are more details on each of the options on the following page.

I suspect you are probably after the Deeplink module if you are trying to link dynamically to your Mendix application from an outside source and you don’t know know the GUID of the object you want to display.

​​​​​​​Hope this helps.


I have the gut feeling you want to do something in Mendix what you are used to do while coding an app.

Mendix is object oriented and I have the impression that you want to open a page with a specific object (record).

No need to open a page with a specific url. Just pass the right object to the page. Have a dataview with the right context entity set.



I have implemented below microflow  where i am getting application url and i have appended the parameter now how I can call these newly generated url in mendix page because mendix page is having extension as .xml so I am bit confused how to call url with page name and parameter.