Crash Course: 9.4.3 - app will not run as errors

Hi, this is probably down to me making a mistake but …. When the employee user role is created, the text mentions that errors will be created and “they will be fixed soon enough”. But setting new users to the employee role and setting up a new demo user does not fix these. The errors refer to setting pages and microflows to a role. When adding the demo user, according to the screenshots, the “App status” magically changes from Incomplete to complete. Not sure how adding a demo user would do that. The next step is to run the app but there are errors so the app will not run and can not login as mxAdmin. Should there be errors at this stage because I am not sure how the previous actions will clear the errors. Regards, John
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Hi Sjors,

unfortunately I no longer have the errors as skipping the run app stage and continuing with applying the security fixed them.

I do think the security section on Crash Course needs rewriting – it is a bit all over the place.


Hi all,

I just came across the exact same issue, indeed the crash course needs rewriting since this issue will occur to anyone that's following the course step by step.
At step 9.4.3 the roles are not set up correctly just yet, but the guide is telling you to run the app while it is impossible at this stage.

Continuing the course and refining the roles will probably solve it for me as well, but as a beginner this can be quite confusing.