select multiple entries in an overview page

Hello, I am going through the various tutorials – currently CrashCourse. Looking at the overview pages that are generated for the entities, I wondered if it is possible to select multiple entries for delete for example. I have tried shift select and ctl select but neither work. So currently I can only delete a single record at a time. Is there a way of doing this? Regards, John
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In data grids, you can select the selection mode. If you set it to “multiselect”, you can select multiple at once. Any buttons you put in the data grid will then have a list of the object in question available as a parameter:


Thanks for this Eline.
I just applied this and it means I can select by ctl click on each required record. Is that how it should work?
I can not get a contiguous block with select first then shift click on last record?
If not, that is OK – just wanted to confirm.