Change logo - only available in studio, not pro?

I have seen other forum questions on this topic. One option is theme customiser in mendix studio. Another option is edit custom-variables .scss via studio pro (or any code editor) and the brand-logo entry – perhaps? This has a default value of false, which results in the Mendix logo. To change logo, do I put in a file name or true? Not sure the names/values always are intuitive here eg navbar-brand-name which has a colour value. The logo, whether mendix or other, does not show in the Structure mode but does in the Design mode. And if looking at Atlas_Default – should this be edited? – then no logo. So which is the correct thing to do in Pro?
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Hi John,

you are right, you can change the app icon in the navigation menu in studio pro (Application icon).

To upload a custom icon, you would have to upload it first in one of the image collections. To add a new image collection press rightclick on your module in the App explorer → Add other → Image collection.