Questions on On-Premises environments of an Application

Dear all, I am hard to finding the details of the following questions when an app is mainintained on On-premises. Is it possible to see the app details in Mendix developer portal? How can we see the environment details and settings up the constants, shceduler events etc., How to manage permissions of the app? How to enable remote debugging for each environment and where to find the debugger credentials?   Thanks in advance!  
1 answers
  1. no you can not.
  2. You can use m2ee for that. See documentation here You have a m2ee.yaml you need to modify to set the constants, scheduled events etc.
  3. You need to do that on your on premise server. There you decide which persons are allowed to edit those settings.
  4. Remote debugging is also done from the m2ee command line. You can retrieve the token from there. See the m2ee help.