Custom unsupported browser page implementation

Hello, I’m trying implement a custom unsupported browser page. I’ve done what’s suggested here (created a custom page in theme/web with the file name unsupported-browser.html), but when I run the app I’m still seeing the default Mendix branded page which is being created in the deployment folder when I run locally. Is anyone else getting this issue? Does anyone know how to resolve it? Thanks Ellie
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This is because the app from upgraded from Mendix 8 to Mendix 9. Creating a new app in Mendix 9 works. The problem you are seeing is down to a missing tag in the index.html file that was added in Mendix 9. In the <head> add the following…


This will add JavaScript that looks for modern code and if not supported it will redirect the user to the unsupported-browser.html page.