How to export data into an excel file in Mendix 8.12.1

I trying to build a functionality in Mendix to provide an option to users to Export dat from Mendix into an Excel file. I found there is an Excel Export Module is available but that is compatible only with the Mendix version 8.12.5 and above while my project is build on 8.12.1. We can not upgrade our Mendix project to higher version , hence looking for help if there are other ways to build the same functionality.
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Hi Dilip,

If you go to the marketplace and look for the excel exporter module, you can click on the tab with releases. Here you can find older versios of the exporter. If you scroll down and click load more, you will see V.6.1.1. This version should be compatible with Mendix 8.12 and upwards.


Hope this helps!