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Hi there, is there any more information on this recommendation “Place Create/Update/Delete Activities Closer to the End Event of a Microflow [MXP014]” In a process with many commits anything but the last 4 commits is marked with this warning… I don’t think this could be solved at all then. regards, Fabian     P.S.: this relates to Mx 9.12 – the forum dropdown only contained 9.9 and below
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Without knowing what your microflow looks like I can only suggest that this recommendation is simply an advice. You can consider changing your commit action to a Change object action, and place a commit action towards the end. This would be my preferred way of solving this as I might have to change the object several times before I reach the end of a microflow.


Hey Fabian,

If you want really want to get rid of this warning, there are two options:

  • Add the entities to a list, and use a “Commit Object(s)” activity to commit the entire list at once. However, you are expending resources for creation of a list; that being said, it might be quicker to commit all of the objects at once; this is something worth investigating, actually. In my experience, database transactions take time, so committing the list at once might be most efficient.
  • Suppress the warning by right-clicking the warning and select “suppress” – though I am not sure this will work for MxAssist. 


That being said, the first option might be worth exploring ;-). There is a third alternative, that depends on the context: if this is a sub-microflow, consider passing the list of objects back to the main microflow, and committing it right at the very end.

Hope this helps; if it does, please mark this as the correct answer.

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Thank you for the feedback.


In Studio Pro version 9.16 we have made some improvements to MXP014 so that it is more conservative about recommending changes.


If you have further feedback, we’d love to here it …