Not able to export Data using Excel Exporter : Did not expect an argument to be undefined Error

Hi All, I am trying to build a functionality where using using the excel export module I want to the user an option to download the data from UI. I have followed the step as mentioned in the doc but this functionality is working only for one client. When I am selecting any other client it is always giving the same error. All the clients have required data but not sure why it is giving error for all the other clients.   Error Message :      I calling a microflow on the click of a button which has the required logic build it to create and download the data .       Any suggestion to fix this issue?
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Hi Dilip,

What action, in the microflows, causes the error? 

Anyway i would check this previous forum post:


Hi Dilip ,

I'm not sure, but I guess the reason for this problem may be due to the lack of associations of the client objects .
The fact that it works for one client may be due to the completeness of the associations . For other client objects maybe you have lack of association . 
Hope this works for you 


Ridvan Oksuz