Stop a process in Taskqueue

Hi,   How can you kill a process in the taskqueue?
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Bump.. anyone???


This is a system table that also contains the regular Scheduled Tasks (system-task). The model security only provides Read access. So a grid will only show the data, you cannot update it. 

Also the documentation (  states to be carefull with system tables because tempering with it might give some unwanted side effects.

>On my local system< I was only able to stop these User-tasks from executing by deleting them through SQL. Looks like once submitted the User-task is in the table to be executed, restarting the app will still retry to execute all the User tasks that are in the table. 

(Hope this helps future readers to scope the issue)

(I also hope that the feature gets some more controls over user tasks, and/or control on task queues itself.)


Has anyone found already a solution for this problem to kill a task which is already running?


If you are using the standard Mendix task queues the following works for me.

The easiest way is to create a microflow that does a retrieve on the entity “QueuedTask”, filter on the specific status that you want and delete the object(s). You can also create a similar microflow that uses a QueuedTask as an input object and delete that object. This can of course be combined with a select in a data grid or listview.