Not able to login from mendix modeler 4.7.2

When I am trying to login from modeler its displying error as "Unable to retrieve your cloud apps. Please check whether you can connect to the Mendix Platform website.". But I am able to login to Mendix website with same credentials. And this is not my first time that I am using modeler. Till Yestreday credentials were working and I was able to Update and commit to Team server. What may the issue here? How to login from Mendix modeler. ? Thanks in advance .
2 answers

Similar issues with 4.7.2. File a ticket please:

  1. there seems to be someone else with a connection issue using MX4.7.2.

This error was caused by a wrong DNS setting in one of our servers, which we corrected.

Please note that it could take up to a day for the changes to propagate to your DNS server, so you may still experience this problem for some hours.