how to covert integer to string in Oql query

I am trying to find data based on filters and In the retrieve data the month wise like from 'Jan' to 'Dec' data should show  for that I am using oql query  "select  SUM(R."UnitsSold")as UnitsSum,               R."SEGMENT", DATEPART ( MONTH, R."Date") as Months,               DATEPART ( YEAR, R."Date") as Years from  Single_Selection_Charts.Realistic R  where  R."Year" = $Year GROUP BY R."SEGMENT", Months,Years order by Months" I am able to get data but month are integer type like 1,2,3.... this is my domain model  this is my page  this is my microflow  calling on search button this is my output but in months cloumn I need Jan, Feb, … instead of 1,2,3… can help with this
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Would it be worth adding an additional attribute to your entity that stores the month in a numeric form? You could set this in a before commit event microflow to keep it in sync with your data. It may simplify your code as I see you have posted several other questions about converting backwards and forwards between numeric, enumeration, and string values.

Hope this helps.