How to create bell icon notification in web application

Hello, I am working on an Employee Hiring Application. In that application I have created two user role HR and Manager. When HR starts the onboarding process through a button then manager should get a notification through a bell icon on Navbar and then he can accept or reject Employee. Then again notification is send back to HR from manager. I want to make this type of notification as shown below in attach. Can someone help me?ed file.  
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  • Download Badge Widget from Market place.
    The configuration is simple. Create an Entity for Notification and associate with Account Entity(Notification_Account).
  • When ever a form is submitted and sent for approval, create Notification object and retrieve the user to whom it should be visible and set in the association(Notification_Account)and commit in database.
  • In the Badge Notification widget configure the constraint with xpath for data restricting to current use
  • Badge Module 

Hello! Did you manage to create the same layout as in the image? I have a few questions about the  pop-over list