Studio Pro-8 hours trying to use an Excel file to create an Entity

Searched, Searched, Searched, Tryed, Tryed, Tyred all postings for 16 hours through documentation and forum.  Have not found a way to create an entity from an Excel Spreadsheet-STRAIGHT FORWARD.  This should be a simple and not  a convoluded process.  This should not be rocket science.  Iritated.  Multiple different processes presented from Excel Importer Module to Studio Pro functions and none of them have worked.  Error-should be disassembled.  Why is this not one simple Studio Pro function: Create Entity from Excel Spreadsheet (with headerand on row of data to define type of data).  I am just saying it like it is and should not be penalized for doing so.  It is 3am in the morning, I’m tired, frustrated, and irritaded with something that should be simple or simplified. 
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Hi Rosewater, always nice to see that I am not the only one getting frustrated every now and then. Indeed this could/should have been an easy process by now. Even more so because the bits and pieces are already in place. Meaning:

  1. You can create a json, drop it in a mapping, and click ‘map automatically’ and look: your entities are created.
  2. Same for XML,
  3. Based on an Excel, you can create an entire application having multiple entities and even associations, by going to

So why Mendix has not taken that extra step and extended Studio Pro with the option to upload an (well-prepared) Excel document into your application and merge that into one or more entities and their associations. Seems like low hanging fruit to me. Hope they will do that one day.

Meanwhile, your 16 hours would probably have been better spent if you used, created an application based on the excel that you have. Then exported your stuff in a module and imported that module into your app. Hope that works for you.


Hi Rosewater, I think you can follow these steps to create entity from Excel-Spreadsheet


Hope it help.