Include page in another page tab

Hi! I’d like to create a user management page within a module, which should also include the Account_Overview page from the Administration module in one tab and allow the user to change additional settings other tabs.    I could copy the contents of the Account_Overview into the tab of my user management page,  but if there is a possibility to include another page in a tab I would go for that option. (If the module is updated and the page changed I don’t have to change it in my module as well...) Is there a way to do that? Just dragging in doesn’t work, it just creates a link…   Thanks!
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Hi Erwin,

You could create a snippet out of the page and call the snippet in the required pages.

This way when you do make a change to the snippet it is applied to all the pages where the snippet is used.

Reference document is here.

Hope this helps!