String Function documentation is missing a key feature

I have a data value coming from an exposed rest service that I cannot manipulate.  Mit_AB6641.City\Employee Name The text above is the string that I get from my vendor application, but I do not care about anything before the \. I either need to remove that from the string on the import mapping or remove the text when it is displayed.  I have checked all of the documentation that I could find and am having a problem figuring it out.   
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Hi Tony Bomerato,

          Like Mike Kumpf said, you can extract the text after this (\) by using String functions. For your reference, I have shared those functions here. Here, I used two string functions, One is substring () – To trim or remove the text from the given string, the return type will be string datatype. Another function is find () which will be used to identify the index value (Integer datatype) of given input string (\). In our case, the find function will execute first to locate the (\) position in that string. By using the substring function, it will trim before (\) string [Mit_AB6641.City] and will return after (\) string [Employee Name]. I hope, it will work for you!


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Vijayabharathi V



You can create a microflow that uses the Substring function to isolate the part of the string you want.  That microflow can run either during the import or afterwards in a data validation / cleanup process.  String function documentation can be found here:

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