Master & details pages using API calls

Hi all, I’m fairly new to mendix and was wondering how to create the a master overview page with a details page. By calling an API, I can get a list of customers and display them in a data grid. I then wish to click on one of the customers which then makes a new API to get the full customer details and display them in a new page inside a dataview, so the microflow needs to be able to take an input param from the data grid. Thanks in advance
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Hi Martyn,

What you can do is first create a button on your data grid with a microflow behind that gets the details. Your user can then select one of your customers and click the button after selecting by which your selected customer is passed to this microflow.

Secondly, if you like you can configure this specific button to ‘Is default button’ on true so that when your user double clicks on a customer your microflow that belongs to the previous button is triggered automatically as well.

Hope this helps!