Aggregate (sum) in column chart

Hi everyone! I am currently working in some graphs, the graphs must have 2 columns; these value are from an enumeration, this enumeration has 16 different values.  The first column shows one value of the enumeration so I used an xpath constraint [reason_overdue = ‘1’], but the second has to show the sum of the other 15 values. So my question is how can I do that? I tried using another xpath constraint [reason_overdue != ‘1’] but at the moment I run it I end up with 15 columns, just in a different color than the other column, as you can see. I also tried with microflows, retrieving and using list operations but didn’t work either, I ended up with 8 columns, 7 with a different color than the first column.  Maybe my microflow was wrong, I don’t really know but if you have any idea how can I do this, I’d really appreciate your help.  Thanks in advanced! Note:  the mendix version I´m using is 9.10.1 but it doesn’t appear in the options.  
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