Using Mendix for public app?

Hello, this is a more philosophical question than practical. I have been investigating Mendix for a few weeks. I have completed the “Crash Course” and “Become a Rapid Developer” courses. And it seems that Mendix is oriented towards internal apps rather than external. For instance, in both courses,  there is a user for each role automatically created for testing purposes, the employee user can then eg edit any employee, which would not be the case in reality (even internally). I notice there are modules for adding a new account and changing password but there is little in the docs about this (a google search had hits from the forum) and, from what I can see, no course on this, which would be useful, if not essential because every app, even internal, is going to want some kind of authentication. There are a few pages on the components of an authentication page ( Would it be possible to add a course on this? I am happy to be used as a tester for this.
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Hi John,

Mendix provides enterprise grade security and authentication. It is in use for quite a few public apps.

The demo-users you are referring to are only created when you testrun your app on your local machine. In the cloud that will not happen.

Access can be granted to users using roles, which you can use to make sure no one sees any data that he/she is not supposed to. See or 

Here is some info on integration with third party authentication/authorisation solutions: These integrations can be tricky as it depends on many specific factors in the enterprise environment. A learning path exists on this topic: but because that requires quite some experience i believe it is anly available to Mendix Expert certified professionals.

I hope this helps.