Crash Course - Employee Account entity access

Hi, just noticed a problem with the resulting app and I wonder where I have gone wrong. Chapter 9 covers app security. And I have set up entity access for the roles, including admin. But when I create a new employee during testing, though I can edit the employee entity attributes, I am unable to edit account entity attributes (account being in the marketplace). Looking at the security page in marketplace, then the account entity has read and limited write (just the name and email fields) with default rights set to none. Also, the change password button on the form is greyed out. So where have I gone wrong with this?
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Hi John,

If you cover chapter 9 you should be able to edit the account attributes of the employee (to be honest, I have not tried the instructions provided in the course). If it does not work, you could check if the account object is created and associated to employee.

I did download the module package from chapter 9 ( from introduction) and I was able to edit the account attributes of the new employee I was trying to create. So, at least the package works as expected and you could explore that further to identify the differences between the one you have vs the one you can download. You can always provide your feedback to the Mendix team and they can correct if you find any discrepancies in the instructions provided.

Hope this helps!

Good luck :)