Prevent ERROR - Connector: 404 - file not found for file: ... in the logs

Lots of the apps I am working on have tons of messages in the logs like this ERROR - Connector: 404 - file not found for file: apisix/batch-requests These are mostly bad people trying to get information about any app, looking for weak spots. It is not too big a concern, since there are lots of easy ways to find out the type of platform that is running the app. But is there a way to change the response and not log it? Can everybody please upvote Johan Mattsson ‘s idea on this:
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Imho Mendix should fix these. They should filter these URL's already on all incoming traffic. All the logs of all the Mendix applications are crawling with these exact same URL's so they should have a pretty good picture on which URL's they should block.





Personally I *do* want to see in my logs when someone is scanning my application. 

What I would appreciate as a feature is if Mendix provided an option to directly blacklist TCP connections from addresses listed on a few reliable IP blocklists. That should cut out most of the log noise caused by botnets.