Creating an App with Advanced Page Building course - new TeamMember

I am not sure if this is me or the course. In Chapter 2, we allow new users to be created and amended. Here is what I am seeing during testing. New user – if only a single role is added then record is saved with password. Success. Edit successful user – if add two roles then error message (good). If one role then save successful. New user- if two roles, then no message, No error message, record may or may not be saved. Sometimes it will appear on list of users. Other times not. If it is saved then no password saved. Edit unsuccessful user – remember – this user should not be here. Add two roles. Message of no password. Change password. After role validation works properly. So role validation is working for new and edit – I added show message actions and it counts correct number of roles. But if false and new , then no validation message and it just falls out and returns to overview list. With the new user either present or missing. What have I done wrong?
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Hi Michiel,

thanks for helping on this. I have attached various screenshots. I had done the steps you raised. I think the key point is that even the resource package for chapter 2 shows the same problem.

Event handler on teammember entity.

Save button on TeamMember_New_administrator




I added some show messages. These show what I would expect. BCO_TeamMember_CheckUserRoleSelection