Unable to start app in SAP cloud

Hi, I have deployed the app on the SAP cloud but the app is unable to run. the error I am facing  when clicking on the view app   Please suggest me, why am I facing this error.   Thanks and Regards, Harshraj Singh
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Hi Harshraj

Please choose another endpoint apart from apps.internal; choose for example: cfapps.eu10.hana.ondemand.com

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Edit: Simply changing the url in the browser isn’t going to help. When you set up your environment on SAP BTP, you get the chance to select your url. Delete your existing environments and restart. After you’ve selected your region, then you get the chance to set your domain:

Change your internal.apps value to e.g.:

I hope this helps you further

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Hi Leander,

I have tried changing the endpoint URL but it is not working.

I am facing the below error.



Please suggest the solution.


Thanks and Regards,

Harshraj Singh