Writing on an API which is not mendix API

In the moment I have the -The json structure -Export mapping -microflow with the activities create object and associations (of the entities automatically created by mendix, filled by the values I would like to write/post on the API). This microflow has the call rest activity  with the POST method, headers, and request  It is thowing an error that the json format is invalid I would appreciate some help
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Try setting the log level of “REST Consume” to “TRACE”. This will log whatever is being sent and received when you call the remote REST service. You should now be able to see what the problem is in your logs. If you’re still not sure, share the request and the response here and we try to help some more.

Good luck.


I would Suggest to use custom Template and pass the Json in the body.

By Using ExportToMapping Activity in microflow you can convert Mendix objects into a String. 

This helps you to see the Json that is generated and validate it manually if it properly structured or not.