Complaint: Industry Standard Documentation/Language/Definitions/Descriptions of File/Object/Table/EntiLy Language Confusion (File, Table, Field, Row, Column, Object, Member, etc. etc)ty,Record/Row/Make up a name, Field/Column, Make up a name

If you have arrived here then you are probably from the old school trying to understand replacment language that once was simple as: -File (DB2 with a specific type i.e. Program, File, etc. look up IBM WRKOBJ work with object it was called a “file”) -Record (row) -Field (column) Garbage in, Garbage out? Damn I'm old.  Should have stayed on the farm with an abacus. Now, if you are here for some reason, I have a question for you that I’ve been asking for about 6 years and over 5 thousand people.  This is the first time this has ever been put int writting.   “If you never ever had to worry about a bill again, meaning you and your immediate family would always have a roof over your head, food on the table, clother on you back, and a little bit of spending money but in exchange you would have to make a differenct in the world, what would you do?” (something your shoulders can bear)  There is no right or wrong answer.  Some people may say “I don’t” know”, “I’m doing it”, or something that would blow your doors off that you never thought of.   I don’t have a lot of time left, but if I can make something better for one, then it will make a difference for a hundred, a thousand, a million.  I do not like asking for help or sharing something personal, but am learning I need to in my sunset. Two weeks ago a man came barreling at me in a way I thought he was going to harm me.  Before I could get my fists up to defend myself I was caught in a powerfull bear hug.  The person that I did not remember said this to me “Do you know that you said one thing to me (a few years ago) that changed my life?”  I said I don’t remember, but that sounds like something I would lol  A week later a person sat next to me.  I did not remember him either and he had shaved his beard off which made it even harder to remember the person.  The man looked me straight into my eyes to my heart and soul, and said to me “You wrote something on a knapin a long time ago, and every morning I get up it is sitting in front of me.  It changed my life for the better. Never have wanted to know the results of my acts but apparently I had to be told what I did. If you can do something good everyday for just one person, it may change a hundred, a thousand, maybe a million.  One kind word or act is more powerful than you could ever imagine.  I never expected anything in return, not even a story, but those two men made me realize that life is worth living and gave me purpose.  I am trying to perform a miracle while juggling 25 watermelons and wresting a hog, but if it wasn’t for a few I would have lost by now (and you know who you are) I so hope I can get my project off the ground to make a difference but odds are not in my favor.   Here is a story: God an Jesus (father and son) were not getting along, so they took saparate vactions on the oppisite ends of the universe.  At one point Jesus decides he should check on earth.  So, he walks out off a spaceship, looks to his left, looks to his right, and then looks at everyone in front of him and says “What the hell did you do to this place?”  A few weeks later a thought occured.  Jesus, Alha’s son, Buddha’s son, one and one. Jesus does not need to return to Earth, he gave us all the tools to do the right things.  God does not need to return because we are quit capable of flooding ourselves. Peace be with you (and all of us)
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