Where is the documentation for CE0644 Error handling type must be Rollback inside a looped activity.

Where can I find the documentation for CE0644 "Error handling type must be 'Rollback' inside a looped activity.", Merci.
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Nowhere to be found apparently. Some explanation on this error:

This  is error handling that is set to ‘Custom without rollback’. That is not allowed in a loop.

You are correct in handling any potential error of the rest-call. It is a generally good idea, since the rest-call-publisher is not part of this app and can not be trusted. So not handling the error is not an option.

Best solution is a simple one: Extract the rest-call including the error handling to a sub-microflow.

NB. Returning from that sub-microflow you will encounter the Change-activitiy for a second time. Make sure you handle it like you want it handled.



Additionally to answer of Tim.

This can be solved by using a sub-microflow. 

  1. Create a new microflow and call it SUB_WHATEVERYOURMICROFLOWSHOULDDO
  2. Cut and paste the whole part out of your loop into this new microflow.
  3. Add input parameter(s) according to the required data
  4. Drag and drop the new microflow from your app explorer into the loop.
  5. configure the input parameters as required
  6. done


Note: this looks like a hassle, but my advise is in ALL cases to model the logic of your loop as sub-microflow. Because of many reasons. The error handling is just one of them.


Thanks but i was looking for the documenation.