Chatbot like Mendix

Hello people, For my website i wanted to have a chatbot like mendix. If the user enters the website it will see a pop-up with a few options inside it like Mendix.  Do you guys know how i can build this? Look at the picture below
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This chat bot and the one on the mendix platform are based on a plugin integrated with a 3rd party system to manage the chat bot.

I know we used Intercom when staring with a chat bot. Not sure if Intercom is still used or is replaced with another 3rd party pluggin.

You can use any provider, the only need you have is to create a widget as wrapper around the pluggin


Indeed as Rene said. You can select a chatbot provider/plugin of your choice (AWS lex, Microsoft, Intercom, ), and create a pluggable widget to connect your MX app with the service. 

  1. There are some past webinars on building an automated chatbot, some are using Twiolio, some are using IBM watson 
  2. Try search “chatbot”  on marketplace to see if there’s out-of-bot items that may suit your need.  I see there are 2 solution templates that include chatbot capabilities built with AWS lex.
  3. Our team are developing one out-of-box Chatbot module that allows user to add chatbot capabilities to create and config chatbot in studio pro.  Plan to rollout and release on marketplace at end of June. May I ask what your use case is?