Opening app in correct version of StudioPro

I’ve previously opened an app in a later edition of StudioPro (9.11.1) to only view what already has been produced on the app.  I am now needing to work on it for myself and am trying to open it in the correct version (9.11.0) but I  get the message that the app has been opened in a later edition so it can’t open it in 9.11.0. How can I resolve this?
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Hi Kathleen,

Suhanth is mentioning that downloading the application from team server again would help in opening the app in version 9.11.0 again (assuming that the one committed in team server is 9.11.0).

You could download the app again using the following steps:

  1. Rename the existing app folder
  2. Open studio pro 9.11.0
  3. Use the option Open App (you can already view a list of available apps) and select the application


Import app package is different and used when you’ve already exported an app package and want to create an application out of the same package and upload to new team server or existing or have it stored locally on your machine. You can find more information here

Hope this helps!